Founded in Turin, on 14 September 1998 by Carmen Novella, owner and director, Ex Libris is an agency for the creation, organization and communication of cultural projects.
Following a rich 10-years experience in organizing and promoting cultural initiatives for the Turin International Book Fair (Salone del Libro) and the Music Fair (Musica 2000). After 6 years activity in the cultural field, Carmen Novella has directed her know-how into Ex Libris.

The name: a distinctive mark
The agency’s name describes its in-depth spirit and aims: Ex Libris means it is a sign of belonging, protection and care. Its philosophy is that on each developed project the distinctive mark of creativity, expertise and passion is recognized.

The mission: a leading thread
Culture, in its broadest sense, is a mission. To conceive and carry out projects and events in multiple ways with one common goal: valuing the cultural identity, turning it into a cornerstone and a leading thread, so that it becomes an investment.

About us
Carmen Novella collaborates together with a network of contributors and consultants specialized in planning, organization and communication in the cultural field and public relations. Professionals all driven by the unique humanistic enthusiasm of Ex Libris.

Carmen Novella: her team is made up of Elisa Carlone (press office and organization); Marta Santopolo (press office and organization); Luca Castelli (editing); Matteo Patrucco (art director); Erica Manna (editing); Stefania Albis (organization); Annalisa Berretta (administration).

Ex Libris can also rely on a group of “special consultants”: Stefano Bartezzaghi (riddler, essayist, columnist of “la Repubblica”, professor of Semiology of creative languages at the University of Bergamo); Marco Belpoliti (essayist, writer, journalist, professor of Sociology of literature at the University of Bergamo); Giovanni De Luna (historian, professor of Contemporary History at the University of Turin); Anna Foà (editorial consultant).